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Wow! Look at them grow!


Look at Gatsby


Normandy's Great Gatsby, CD

Look at Clark

Ch.Normandy's Supermann


Clark and Annie
All tuckered out after the show

Normandy's Snowmann Nelvanna
Ch.Normandy's Supermann

- and -

a rare photo of 'yours truly' with Clark and Annie in Banff


and some more 'neat' growing-up photos

"It's about time you got home!"

Normandy's Lady Nitro
Normandy's Lord Percival


Normandy's China Doll
Normandy's Princess Sascha

and here are "the Girls"

Normandy's White Diamonds (Liz)
Normandy's Shiroi  Kibou (Kibou)
Normandy's Mum'sTheWord (Daisy)
Normandy's Shiroi Tenshi (Tenshi)
Normandy's Serendipity (Sera)

All retired . . . . . .and happy together!

Thank you all . . .

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