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More See How They Grow......
Normandy's Ruff 'n' Ready
Normandy's Tommy Girl
Normandy's Remy Martin and Normandy's Anjou Pannier
       Left as puppies - Right all grown up!
Normandy's Pablo
Left as a puppy - Right as a young man!
Normandy's Tiffany Mignonne
Normandy's Guiseppe
Left as a puppy - Right going for a sleighride!
Normandy's Milady Bailey and Normandy's Snow White Comtesse
Normandy's Charismatic Casper (left)
Normandy's Li'l Biscuit (right) looking 'Pretty in Pink' against the snow!
Normandy's White Boutennierre and friend
Pink is for girls - Blue is for boys!
Still more to come

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