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See How They Grow


Puppies at 8 weeks

Whenever  a puppy leaves Normandy Bichons, it always goes with the hope that it will be treated with tender-loving care and will make us proud. The following photos (in random order) represent some of these puppies.
Thank you to all who cared enough to send them.

Normandy's Tuscany per Donna & Normandy's Great Gatsby


Normandy's Li'l Biscuit          Normandy's Niffty Sniffty 


Normandy's Sir Spencer Hunter & Normandy's Sir Samuel Luis

Normandy's Maxwell Bentley             
                                                                                               Normandy's China Doll

Normandy's Saint Nicholas


Normandy's On The Rocks
'Enjoying the Snow'

Normandy's Pepe

 Pink is for girls! Blue is for boys!

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