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The Story of Our Stuart Little


Once in a while, there is a story in breeding that is rewarding and catches your heart.
One of these stories is about "Our Stuart Little"

Stuart was born on December 12th. 1999, one of a litter of eight.
He was born about midway through the birthing of the puppies, and
 seemed normal, other than being a little thin. He seemed to be nursing well, so I wasn't worried!
After a few days, the puppies were all noticeably growing... with the exception of Stuart

The litter at 4 days, Stuart back center

This always sets off warning bells in a breeder's head...
so Stuart was supplemented by tube feeding, but left with his mother for nursing.
Stuart gained slowly and finally, after about two weeks of tender, loving care,
reached eight ounces. I thought he was on his way!
Stuart stayed at that weight for a good two weeks (which seemed forever).

You could hold Stuart in the palm of your hand.
One day I was showing him to my husband, and Bill remarked "He looks like a little white mouse"
....and that's how Stuart got his name:
"Normandy's Stuart Little"

 Above left: Stuart with two of his littermates
Right: Growing up on his own

When the time came to wean the litter, Stuart was in there 'like a dirty shirt'
and finally, magically, he started to grow and develop.

As the other puppies grew, Stuart had to be taken out of the puppy pen, lest he be trampled.
He was feisty, but he was so much smaller than the rest.
He was put with a recent mother who had just weaned her puppies, and she took Stuart
in as her own. She and Stuart would cuddle right up, as if they were true mother and son.
This is typical of our Bichons!

Continuing to grow

When it came time to have his littermates health checked, vaccinated and microchipped,
Stuart was just too small, however a couple of months later, he was big enough and ready!

We became very attached to Stuart.
There was so much love that went into raising this little dog.
Everyone who came to visit wanted to take Stuart home with them.
His new home had to be one that was very special and finally,on May 14th,
in good health and full of pizzazz, our Stuart Little left us for his new home.

This is Stuart barking at me on the morning of his departure

and below are pictures of Stuart with his new family, who are
"head over heels in love with him"
No doubt, Stuart will soon have them wrapped around his little paws.


We are looking forward to having Stuart visit us on occasion
so that we can see how he grows and is loved by his new family.
Sometimes good things happen!

So long Stuart, See you soon!


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