Abbie & Nellie at the Rainbow Bridge
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Together at the Rainbow Bridge

Abbie and Nellie
(Normandy's Miss Abigail/Normandy's Lady Nell)


Wipe your eyes, dry your tears,
Smile when you think of me.
You made the choice I could not voice,
From pain you set me free.
As days go on, and weeks go by,
It will be easier, you'll see.
Focus on the love and care,
And the home that you gave me.
We do not live forever
But I'm always in your heart.
Just close your eyes, I'll be there,
A memory apart.
So when you're feeling lonely,
Just sit and think a while.
Remember me...not with sadness,
But always with a smile.
By Jackie Furtak

Always loved and remembered
by Paul and Nancy Frederick