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This is not goodbye, my friend

The time is fast approaching

When from America you'll fly;

Your heart will feel unsettled

As your new friends say good-bye;

But waiting for you in Japan

Are your family, pets and friends,

And they'll all be glad to see you

As your treatment finally ends;

The way to health was opened

In this strange and magic land,

And many friends were here for you

To lend a helping hand.

We're all so happy for you

that the trip was a success,

And you may go home to Japan

To a life of happiness.

We'll all remain right here for you,

And by email we'll be near

To send you love and our support

If ever you may fear.

The devil's gone, your health returns,

You have the gift of life;

We're proud that you have been so brave

Through the many weeks of strife.

Here's wishing you a safe flight home,

Where you won't need a translator :-)

This is not goodbye, my friend,

It's merely TTYLater!

I am so proud of you!

Your friend forever, and Canadian Mother,