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"Tenshi" (Ten-shee) and "Kibou" (Kee-boo) are named in honour of our dear friend KIYOMI. Kiyomi is Godmother of "Tenshi" and "Kibou". They would not have these wonderful names without her. Kiyomi has also designed the Tenshi and Kibou gifs (above) showing their names in Japanese writing (kanji).

Shiroi Tenshi means White Angel and represents the link between Kiyomi and I . Our poem "Visit from a White Angel" can be seen at -

Shiroi Kibou means White Hope and represents our hope that Kiyomi will fully recover to watch "Tenshi" & "Kibou" grow.

It is our wish that you will all join us in prayer for Kiyomi and send her all the hope, strength and love we have in our power, to help her through this stressful time in her life.