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"Home Sweet Home"


Over the years...

Some views of Normandy Bichons (CKC Perm.Reg'd)

Above is a view of our 'dog room'.
This section is an extension of our home, and was architecturally designed by the previous owner; thus the irregular shape
which makes the area look larger than it actually is..
It is still far more than we need for our little bichons, but they all have their own beds,
and in inclement weather the floor area, which is about the size of a double garage, acts as a playroom,
so when the dogs are not in the house with us, they have room to run at all times.

 Below is a front view of the house (note the little Bichons and hearts over the entranceway)


View of the house from the garden

The Uxbridge Brook which runs along the back of our property

[Bits 'n Bites] [Sasha] [Dauphine] [Corey] [Photo from Dogs in Canada]

These pages are dedicated to "Jake" . Our past ten years would not have been the same without him!

"Where are my puppies?"
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