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I do not cry.

Happiness dislikes a crying face.

In order that happiness visits,

I spend time by a smiling face every day.

And, I wish that happiness continues eternally.

And, I pray for happiness of all people.

For my smiling face......

......Kiyomi Ochiai - July 27/97



She's a person of amazing grace,

But, what's behind her smiling face?

She does not cry, though she may feel

Her days ahead seem so unreal.

She smiles for us, though deep inside

Emotions take a constant ride

Of ups and downs, of hope and fear,

And yet her smiles to us appear.

Her message here is very real..

She wants us happiness to feel,

Not sorrow, nor not sympathy,

She wants the best for you and me.

But, in so giving, she will gain

The strength to fight the fear and pain;

To send the "Devil" back to Hell

So once again she may be well.

Know, when you see her smiling face,

Her smile is for the human race.

Return the smile and do your part;

Give for Kiyomi from your heart.

by Norma Dirszowsky

Keep the smile on Kiyomi's face --

We're halfway there and with $5. or $10. from each member, we will reach our goal!

Give from your heart to the Kiyomi Fund

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